In an earlier blog post I wrote about how questioning the beliefs that society has put on us all will start to let you live life with less friction.  Living life in the present will allow us to have more ability to write our own story and play book.  Every day we need fuel in the tank to drive us forward.

We also did a very powerful exercise to discover WHAT it is we want out of life, and WHY that is so important on paper.  If you haven’t done it yet, please go back to this blog post and complete the ever so powerful exercise!

You are now sourcing and using fuel for your goals in a much different way than most people.  Most people look for and only focus on HOW to do a certain task or strategy.  Then they wonder why they jump from shiny object to shiny object and never follow through on their plans to make change.  Few do it from the WHAT and WHY approach, and then even fewer people execute the tasks to get them towards their goals.

The cool thing is when this recipe is followed the proper way, with daily passion combined with a focus on helping enough people reach their goals, and enough reach (internet, social media, direct conversations) the HOW’s will simply show up.  Maybe the How happens because someone sees your energy, enthusiasm and focus about what you want to accomplish and they put you in touch with the right service provider to meet a portion of your goals.

Maybe a HOW might be going to a training event and having the speaker mention a book that they read, which will become the exactly book you need to read next.  Or maybe the HOW might be hiring a coach to work with, and they have already been to where you want to go.  Coaches can help shine the flashlight down the dark hallway to let you see where you’ve been trying to walk.  Now instead of walking, you can run because they lit up the way for you to get there bigger, better and faster.

These solutions come into our lives largely as a by-product of our brains being more aligned with our needs, desires and goals.  An area at the base of the brain call the Reticular Activating System is responsible for this alignment.  The RAS is a small bundle of neurons about the size of your pinky finger digit that helps teach your brain what to notice in life.  Your brain is usually getting inundated with 10x more information per second than it can actually process.  The RAS’s job is to determine what to allow into your brain and what not to.  How does it know the  90% to filter out and the 10% to let in?  It knows because you have trained it.  The RAS was trained over time by what you thought or told yourself, what you wrote down on a regular basis and what you focus on hourly throughout the day.

For example, have you ever test drove a car of particular make, model and colour?  You haven’t bought the car yet, but now you are noticing every one of these vehicles that you pass on the road!  You have been borderline obsessing about it and are now noticing it because your RAS has communicated to your brain that this is important and useful to notice, so it is picking up on those cars like it was it’s full-time job.  It didn’t before because it didn’t know it was important to you or your future survival.

So, what have we learned here?  First of all that it’s super important to be extremely clear about WHAT you want in life and WHY that is so important to you.  Secondly and just as important, once you have these above points crystalized, it is very important to repeat them to yourself through daily thoughts or speech to write them down/review them daily (write not type), and then to make them a major focus of your daily activities. Remember the RAS knows what to do by being trained.  Train this part of your brain with the right daily inputs like a Navy Seal would train to save their lives in combat.  It’s only the rest of your life in front of you!  Make it a part of your daily routine or you will fall by the road side like so many others before you.

When your daily activities and outcomes line up with your WHAT’s, WHY’s, goals, missions and visions, then you really can say that you are “walking your talk” because at the end of the day is not just your actions that will speak louder than words, it will be your clarity, consistency and alignment that do!

So ask yourself, what will your new morning routines be to support your goals?  How will repetition help you move forward?  What are you going to get done today to SHOUT louder than words?

The best in the world review what’s most important to them several times daily, shouldn’t you?