My Commitment to you – True Value


I’m excited to not just start this blog, but continue it for a long period of time.  It always pains me when I see a website with a blog from a few years ago that had their first 6-10 posts and then they stopped writing.  Vanished into thin air.  Another bloggers dream / online business plan bites the dust.  Not here.  I’m too committed to others success to not keep this going.  As long as you have questions I will have posts and answers.

I’ve always had a solid grasp with the written word, and like a fine wine, I plan only getting better over time.  My life is always full of adventure and lessons because we (my family and team) are living life at a pretty high level right now.  With a bigger game comes bigger challenges, lessons, obstacles and celebrations to be had.  I want you to be a part of it all.  If I can save you some time, money or resources in the future from reading a post or watching one of my video’s, my outcome will have been achieved.

I recently did an intense full immersion 6 day workshop where we laid our purpose and mission in life and how we want to be living each day.  I hope you are okay if I share that mission with you – It is “To be an exceptional leader on earth and to love support and encourage others to step up and do the same.” Just to share my mission here with you gets me excited to get up out of bed each day working on my craft and sharing what I’ve done with others who follow these posts.

I want to inspire others to action and then have them in turn share those new lessons forward to those in their networks.  This is how a movement starts.  This is how a tribe is created.  I’ve always envisioned myself leading a tribe of like-minded people who want to first of all invest in themselves and then use those new skills to invest their time / resources in business, real estate or other investments.  Real estate is a huge passion of mine, along with business.  I don’t have all my eggs in one basket.  We do have other investment buckets that we have resources in.  But our favorite is still something we can drive up to and kick the bricks on if we want to.

Another way I look at this blog as my advice to my 25 year old self that others can learn from.  How can I help others struggle less and get to where they want to be with bigger, faster results?  How can people have more freedom in their lives?  Freedom to schedule their time back as they wish, freedom to answer to less people, freedom to have more disposable income to experience more of this great world we live in.

These are all great questions that I plan on answering for you over time if you will allow me to.

I have suffered a lot on my path to success.  Sometimes more than I should have.  I could have gotten there faster had I known the information that will be found in these blog posts.  Keep in mind though, I was no slouch.  I was able to retire from corporate at the age of 37 after 7 years as a real estate investor.  All focused side hustle.  Early mornings, weekends, late nights and sheer determination got me out of the rat race.

Welcome to the tribe.  We look forward to growing your skill set and base of wisdom here!

Keep on reading and implementing my friends.