Here’s how I can help your business:

A former Corporate Trainer, Kory was able to escape the “rat race” 7 years after purchasing his first multi-family property which was renovated and refinanced for healthy profit. Beginning as an addicting side hustle, Kory is now a full-time professional real estate investor with more doors to count, multiple brands / businesses relating to his real estate holdings and staff on payroll to support where needed. 

With investing experience in multifamily buildings, single family homes, flipping, and wholesaling, Kory’s journey is now to share this knowledge with others to ensure that they struggle less on their path to reach their goals of being financially free as well. 

People come to Kory for RESULTS. If you are looking for REAL RESULTS in Real Estate Investing, please contact us for a free consultation on how you too can earn big profits and gain your time back. Remember, time is EVERYTHING!

Don’t put off your success! 

Kory MacKinnon