“I’ve been putting deals together and working since I was 11 years old….”

A former Corporate Trainer, Kory found his passion for real estate investing in his late teens after reading David Chilton’s book The Wealthy Barber.  However, lack of knowledge, systems and trusted mentors kept him from pulling the trigger on his first property until he was 30 years of age.

As the saying goes, the seed was planted and from that day forward, Kory used two decades of business experience to turn his lucrative real estate side hustle into early retirement.


“How did I do it? I had an EXTREMELY strong WHY to get me out of the rat race.  The rest was mindset and executing on the winning real estate plan I created.”

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With investing experience across multiple markets, Kory has wholesaled, joint ventured, flipped for profit, re-purposed land, developed buildings, and used the BRRRR method on route to owning dozens of income producing properties.

“Another Deal won’t change my life in a big way, but it will change someone’s life who is struggling to get started in Real Estate Investing.”

Kory’s Mission today is to be a Leader in Wealth Education and encourage others to step up and walk an easier path towards financial freedom.  To assist others in avoiding the mistakes and pitfalls investors make when they don’t have plans, systems and accountability in place.

Do you currently have a plan to Achieve your real estate goals? A plan to Win your time back and live the life (or lifestyle) of your dreams?  Remember, time IS our most important asset and unfortunately most real estate investors move slowly and do not have a plan.  Don’t let that be you!

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When not doing real estate deals, Kory now spends his “currency” of time doing all things bigger, better and faster.  A health fanatic who loves to travel and see the world with his family, he’s a devote husband to his amazing wife and a loving father to his 3 young, curious and adventurous boys.

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