With decades of experience, Kory has climbed the path to success with real estate as his vehicle of choice to true wealth.  A sought after speaker, author and coach to investors looking to succeed at a high level, Kory has made it his Mission in life to make an impact on the financial literacy and success of others.  Real Estate investing when properly executed has produced more millionaires than any other wealth strategy.  Inquire on how you too can succeed on your real estate journey.


With many talents to offer the world, Kory is a seasoned public speaker, results coach and portfolio investor. In this loud, busy world full of information, people are often left starving for true wisdom. Kory has the proven ability to simplify and teach success fundamentals which lead to long term wealth.

With the ability to inspire audiences to action Kory’s messages on Real Estate Investing, Multi-Generational Wealth, Living a Life by Design, Creating Lasting Change, or Why being Outstanding Matters have impacted the lives of thousands. To inquire about availability, group size and fees, please contact us here.
Having trouble finding / funding that first killer real estate deal? Or already own a portfolio and struggling with growth due to lack of leads, lack of capital or low monthly profits? Studies show that people are 400% more likely to hit their goals when working with an Elite level Coach or Mentor. Apply here for your Strategy Session to learn how to unlock success in areas which cripple the growth of 98% of ALL real estate investors.
Looking to Invest in Real Estate but don’t have the desire or the know-how to find and maximize the profitability of a deal? We have opportunities for like-minded individuals to benefit from properly vetted real estate projects. Contact us here to apply for a future opportunity.


Matt Smith
KMS Property Maintenance, St. Thomas, ON

Every time I’ve consulted with Kory on real estate investing his advice has been on the money.  Its full time real estate investors like Kory who inspired me to follow a similar path.  Now we not only own a growing portfolio, but have taken the leap of faith to run a property maintenance company on a full-time basis and couldn’t be happier!

Michael Davidson
Ottawa, ON

A few weeks after making the investment to work with Kory, I had a deal closed and cash flowing right out of the gates!  He will be an integral part of my goal to become a millionaire with real estate in the next 5 years!

Matthieu & Maggie Couture
Mississauga, ON

After seeing the huge success Kory has had in real estate, we knew he was the person that could help us hit our goals for passive real estate income.  We enrolled Kory as our mentor and he has guided us through the process to find value markets and great cash flowing properties!  We have no issues recommending him to others looking to do the same!

Mike & Sheena Murphy
Sarnia, ON

When we had questions about entering the world of real estate investing, we sought Kory’s mentorship for two reasons – He’s the real deal when it comes to buying real estate / income properties, and he is a devoted father who always finds a way to make time for family and friends.  We are blessed to have him in our lives!

Jason Pepper
Toronto, ON

After being referred to Kory by a highly respected friend, I took the leap of faith and signed on board for 12 months of coaching.  Kory has a way to take a sometimes complicated industry and define it in simple terms.  I’m confident with his systems, encouragement and accountability I will hit my targets this year and continue to reap the rewards of real estate!

Dan Desveaux
Sarnia, ON

I’ve flipped over 60 houses and when I met Kory, I could tell he knew his stuff in regards to real estate investing.  We mastermind regularly and I take action on his advice on a monthly basis!

Tiarra Tompkins
Fire Books
Vice President

Kory MacKinnon is a leading real estate expert and his book simplifies real estate investing giving you the tools to be successful.  Anyone in real estate investing can benefit from Kory’s expertise to build and grow their investment income and create success and wealth.

Tony Jeary
The Results Guy, Coach to the World’s top CEO’s

Kory MacKinnon knows real estate.  He’s a strong voice and leader in the Real Estate Coaching industry.



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